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Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center Collaborates With Cancer Immunotherapy Experts in Publication of Immuno-Oncology Text Book

The Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center announced today the publication of a specialized textbook “Immuno-Oncology, from Bench to Bedside” which provides scientific rationale for the use of immunotherapy in the treatment of cancer. The textbook is based on clinical and scientific experiences of the authors and is intended to provide a well-referenced resource supporting the utilization of numerous therapies that are currently implemented in clinical trials in the USA and available at the Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center.

The writers selected by the Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center are unique in their approach, as they integrate conventional and alternative medicine, and seek to provide common ground and rationale for combination interventions, which usually would not be described in one signal manuscript.  This stems from the combination of authors, Dr. Thomas Ichim, a cellular biologist and biotechnology executive, Dr. Julio E. Selva a hematologist/oncologist, Dr. Boris Minev, a tumor immunologist at University of California San Diego, Samuel Wagner, inventor of the novel cancer vaccine ValloVax, Dr. Jesus Perez and Dr. Javier Lopez, who practice dendritic cell therapy at the Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center in Tijuana, Mexico.

“Although clinical implementation of tumor immunology has been initiated over 100 years ago with the experiments of William Coley, only recently do we see this approach to cancer having entered a “Golden Era” said Javier Lopez, MD, President and CEO of the Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center. “Given the excellent safety profile of immunotherapy, and the excellent results reported at this year’s American Society for Clinical Oncology Meeting, we are proud to offer immune therapies to patients and more importantly to have the ability to explain the background and history of these therapies to there doctors by compilation of this reference textbook.”

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We trust that the current volume will provide its readers not only with details of the immune-tumor interaction, but will also provide solid support for novel experimental approaches to cancer, including combination of T regulatory cell depleting chemotherapies with immunotherapy, as well as combinations of intravenous nutrients with immune stimulators.

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