About Us

The Pan American Cancer Treatment Centers are a multispeciality group of Board Certified physicians and allied health professionals working together to meet the needs of patients and families living with chronic degenerative disease including cancer. We work to streamline the referral process, share information with other healthcare personnel, communicate and work with primary care physicians and case managers, research treatments and procedures to find the best options for treating the causes of degenerative disease, and participate in drug trials and research.

The Pan Am Cancer Treatment Centers offer access to cutting edge cancer immunotherapies outside of clinical trials.  Today safety of many immunotherapies has already been demonstrated, but the majority are currently in efficacy finding Phase III clinical trials.  Unfortunately, in these trials, some patients are placed into the placebo group.  The Pan Am Cancer Treatment Centers offer access to cellular, small molecule, and protein therapeutics through an accelerated means.  In addition, novel combination immunotherapies are offered that are considered “state of the art”.

We have watched with enthusiasm in the last several years, great strides being made in the treatment of cancer using the immune system of the patients.  This “cancer immunotherapy” concept, while originally started by a New York physician, Dr. William Coley, at the beginning of the 20th Century, has recently attracted much attention and hope.

Today, cancer immunotherapy, hailed as “Breakthrough of the Year” by Science Magazine[1], is progressing at an astonishing speed, offering hope to patients that are resistant to conventional therapies.  The promise of cancer immunotherapy is seen in numerous clinical trials, which demonstrated superior effects compared to standard of care of multiple tumors including, breast, lung, brain, kidney and melanoma.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of immunotherapies are only available to patients in the form of clinical trials.  The downfall of clinical trials being limited access, as well as possibility of your patient being placed in the control arm.  For this reason, we have worked over the last year to assemble a team of medical doctors trained in cellular/immune therapies, laboratory scientists with experience in manufacturing, and internationally renowned scientists/clinical trial experts.

To date we have treated over 50 patients utilizing our dendritic cell protocol, involving extraction of blood from patients, in vitro generation of dendritic cells, maturation of dendritic cells utilizing a GMP manufactured immune stimulator, and subsequent administration.  Of these 50 patients 22 have benefitted in terms of either tumor stabilization, tumor regression, or enhanced response to therapies.

Through a series of animal and clinical studies we have developed an optimized 15 day protocol that integrates several aspects of tumor immunology to maximize probability of immune attack against the cancer.