Immunotherapy is an emerging Frontier to treat cancer. When chemoterapy, radiation and other conventional methods fail, our holistic immunotherapy treatmentuses your own immune power to fight and beat cancer, wich is why it is becoming recognized as the Next Generation Cancer Therapy. 



We are located a few miles south of sunny San Diego, in Tijuana-Mexico. Our pan Am facilities are state of art and offer access to cutting edge cancer immunotherapies outside of clinical trials. We will receive you in San Diego airport, and travel by air conditioned buses to our state of the art center. With access to celular, small molecule, and protein therapeutics through an accelerated mens.


  • End to End services – Right from the time you set foot at San Diego to your ride home, we take care of you and your family.
  • Full spectrum of Cancer treatment : Some centers restrict their immunotherapy practices to certain cancers. Our Pan Am centers treat a wide range of cancers including Stage lV cancers.
  • Humane and Empathy : In addition to the cutting edge treatment, our doctors and nurses believe in holistic treatments and ensure that your mind and mood is uplifted, wich also aid in healing.
  • Customized: Every case is different – we take each patient on an individual course and work with him and her for best results.
  • Affordable – BEST OF ALL, our treatments are affordable. Call our patient coordinator Giselle, she is awesome and will work with you to get the best possible options for you.